New cities; goals and approaches

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the long-term goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran system to expand and deepen justice in all areas and to meet the basic needs of the people, especially housing, as well as the country’s conditions and issues such as high population growth rates and widespread migration to urban areas. The overcrowding of existing cities, especially metropolises, the disruption of the settlement system and the spatial organization of human settlements, the growing need for urban housing and the restriction of non-agricultural land within cities and its immediate territories, necessitated the creation of new cities as one of the basic strategies of urban development.

Goals to create new cities

What goal did we pursue to reach this point?

1. Refining the mother city in order to regulate its development and attract the overflow population of the mother city

2. Prevent unnecessarily rising land prices in big cities

3. Reduce pandular traffic between major cities to the industrial areas around them, reduce traffic and avoid waste of time and cost.

4. Establishing the implementation of Article Thirty-One of the Constitution for the ownership of low-income groups

5. Promote crowding in residential development

6. Prevent the destruction of high-quality agricultural lands and soils by the uneven development of large cities

7. Implementation of new patterns in the design and implementation and application of new technologies in the design and construction of buildings in the creation of cities

Location of new cities

In what areas of the country did we initially build new cities?

In the Tehran province, on the outskirts of the capital, new campus towns, Andisheh and Parand

Hashtgerd new town in Alborz province

In Isfahan province, new cities of Baharestan, Majlesi, Poladshahr

In the East Azarbaijan province, Sahand is a new city

In Fars province, the new city of Sadra

In Khorasan Razavi province, the new cities of Golbahar and Binaloud

In the new city of Alishahr in Bushehr province

In the central province, new migrant cities and Amir Kabir

In Hormozgan province, the new city of Alavi

In Khuzestan province, the new sweet towns of Rasht and Shirin

In the province of Sistan and Baluchistan, the new city of Ramshar